Today is destined to go down in history
The People’s Navy celebrates its 70th birthday
Happy birthday, proud of you!

In Qingdao and its adjacent sea and airspace
Will hold national naval vessels at sea parade
Chinese navy new main battleship aircraft
Will participate in the military parade

Video: This is China. 

History will not forget
From the mid-19th century to the founding of New China for more than 100 years
China has been invaded by foreign enemies 470 times from the sea
Building a strong people’s navy
Destined by the Chinese nation’s long-cherished wish

Video: This is China Soldier

From the small fleet of the White Horse Temple
The fleet of ships that are now turbulent
From the crisis of mermaid meat to the rebirth of Nirvana
70 years of wind and rain
The People’s Navy goes from the harbor to the dark blue
Confident and faltering

Blessing, happy birthday!
Looking forward to a wonderful parade!
Pride, the Chinese Navy!



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